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Patrick Sauer

Writer of stuff. Just ask.

Originally from Billings Montana, Patrick Sauer is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. @pjsauer

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Remember When It Was the 1970s? Yeah, Us Too - Signature Reads

Acclaimed sportswriter Steve Rushin totally captures the decade in "Sting-Ray Afternoons."

Screen shot 2017 03 02 at 3.16.40 pm article

"Maeve in America": Heartfelt Tales on the Bumpy Road to Immigration

The great Irish comic has a great new podcast.

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 4.22.04 pm article

Welcome to Leith: White Racism's Rise in the Shadows of Trumpism

Can a Neo-Nazi take over a small North Dakota town?

Screen shot 2016 12 01 at 11.38.51 am article

Joe Buck is a Lucky Bastard

This Q&A has it all, life & death, baseball, Eff You Joe Buck!, and a hair plug addiction.

Screen shot 2016 12 01 at 11.40.22 am article

The 11 Best Teddy Roosevelt Books According to T.R. Experts

Scholars, authors, historians, a forest ranger, even Teddy's grandson Tweed...

Screen shot 2016 08 23 at 10.49.09 am article

The Case for Sports Photography as Art

A Brooklyn Museum exhibit makes the case...

Screen shot 2016 04 24 at 1.40.52 pm article

An Ode to Shakespeare from Kurt Vonnegut

Two men of brilliant mind think alike.

Screen shot 2016 03 30 at 6.32.00 pm article

Last Call at Guinan's, an Irish Tavern Tucked Away in Upstate NY

I fell in love with this wee Irish bar, you will too. Slainte!

Screen shot 2016 03 30 at 6.34.24 pm article

Eviction: An Insidious and Silent Cause of Poverty in America

Eviction causes poverty; it's not a result of it.

Screen shot 2015 12 08 at 1.41.01 pm article

Sarah Vowell Takes a Defibrillator to American History

Lafayette in the Somewhat United States