Patrick Sauer

Patrick Sauer

Writer of stuff. Just ask.

Originally from Billings Montana, Patrick Sauer is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. @pjsauer

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Whim Quarterly

20 Beers to Serve at Your Next Gay Wedding :: Whim Quarterly

Now that New York has legalized same-sex marriages, the marital-industrial complex is ready for the floodgates to open. That, of course, means booze will pour. Beermakers are already crafting brews for the river of gay marriages headed down the Hudson Way. Whim Quarterly was able to get a sneak peek of the new offerings from some of the world's great breweries. Cheers!

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Whim Quarterly

Ten Misconceptions About Billings, Montana Cleared Up by the ...

The United States currently ranks 96th of out something like a million countries in geographical literacy. To better educate our readers and the nation at large, Whim presents this piece written by the largest city in the state of Montana.