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Patrick Sauer

Writer of stuff. Just ask.

Originally from Billings Montana, Patrick Sauer is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. @pjsauer

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Smithsonian Magazine

The story of the first mass murder in U.S. history - Democratic ...

Howard Unruh killed 13 in a 1949 rampage, why is he forgotten?

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Smithsonian Magazine

The Most Loved/Hated Novel of WWI

For Erich Remarque, all was never quiet on any front...

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Smithsonian Magazine

Norman Lear Talks Art, Activism and the 2016 Election | Arts ...

Boy the way Glen Miller played...

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Smithsonian Magazine

The Year Montana Rounded Up Citizens for Shooting Off Their Mouths

The Year Montana Rounded Up Citizens for Shooting O...

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Smithsonian Magazine

Jackie Robinson's Year-Long Mutual Love Affair With Montreal

After the horrors of Florida spring training, Jackie and Rachel Robinson found solace in Canada.