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Writer of stuff. Just ask.

Originally from Billings Montana, Patrick Sauer is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. @pjsauer

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How Dr. J and Larry Bird Helped Build a Video Game Empire - VICE ...

EA Sports owes a huge debt to the NBA legends, and the Commodore 64.

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Montana High School Basketball Teams Come Together Against ...

The kids are all right; The "grown-ups," not so much.

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The Art of the Champ: Artists Talk About Visually Representing Ali | VICE Sports

Ali vs. Superman and a whole lot more.

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It's the 50th Anniversary of Lucy Owning Your Sorry Ass, Charlie ...

This is the year, right Chuck?

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Vin Scully Once Voiced Over a Ludicrous 1960s Sitcom Named ...

It was terrible, even with the dulcet tones of the Dodgers Irish tenor.

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VICE Sports Q&A: Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio, Directors of ...

Straw is doing great. Doc is another story.

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"Quintessential Philadelphia": 15 Years of Allen Iverson Stepping ...

Step-over Cross-over forever.

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Pedro Martinez Remembers the Night He Almost Threw An Extra ...

Nine innings, perfect game. Now about the tenth...

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A Forgotten Classic and the Complicated Legacy of the 1961 St ...

Point shaving, porn, Pesci, and perhaps the greatest college game you've never heard of...

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Sixers vs. Nets. Who Went and Why? A VICE Sports Investigation ...

A Vice Sports Investigation...

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Joe Fulks, the Jump Shot Innovator One Man Murdered and the Rest ...

Meet tragic hoops figure Joe Fulks.

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Throwback Thursday: Monica Seles Grabs the Throne

After nearly three years at #1, Steffi Graf had to face the new racket in town.

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The Night Danny Heater Scored 135 Points in a High School ...

And lived to regret it...